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The IVY Podcast

Mar 28, 2017

At age 32, Wayne Chang is already one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and renowned for building innovative companies that solve real pain points. His latest venture, Crashlytics, sold to Twitter about a year after it launched—and was valued at ~$300 million at Twitters IPO. But Wayne started his first company much younger: since age 7, he has been building ventures, and he’s played an important role in a wide variety of leading tech companies, including Dropbox, Napster, and i2Hub.

In this fascinating discussion, Wayne shares his unparalleled insights about the evolving art and science of entrepreneurship in a technology-driven society, as well as his advice on how to build game-changing ventures in a notoriously uncertain and competitive landscape.

Besides entrepreneurship, Wayne is also an avid angel investor. He has early investments in companies like DraftKings, Tablelist, SoFi, ZenPayroll, Planet Labs, JetSmarter, and Slash Keyboard. He is a limited partner in several prominent venture funds. Wayne originally dropped out of UMass Amherst as an undergraduate, and he was recently awarded an honorary PhD from his alma mater, recognizing him as a leader who stands to transform the world.

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