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The IVY Podcast

Apr 7, 2017

After years of searching for quality cosmetics at an affordable price, 25-year-old Toni Ko set out to disrupt the cosmetic industry by providing department store beauty at drugstore prices. She founded NYX Cosmetics, which went on to do $4 million in retail sales in its first year, and ultimately sold to L’Orèal in 2014 for a reported $500 million dollars.

As a serial entrepreneur, Ms. Ko quickly moved on to her next endeavor, Perverse Sunglasses. In Spring 2016, Ko launched the affordable yet highly fashionable eyewear brand, which is poised to disrupt the market just like her last venture. At an IVY Entrepreneur Night, Ms. Ko shared her insights with members and  on the power of influencer marketing, as well as the lessons she learned on her entrepreneurial journey from startup to successful sale. The conversation was led by IVY’s Sarah Zapp.

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