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The IVY Podcast

May 22, 2017

How are the traditional titans of print journalism adapting to the brave new world of online news? At this crucial turning point in the history of media, Mike Sheehan, the former CEO of The Boston Globe & Hill Holiday, is ready to apply the lessons of the past to the challenges of the future.

Sheehan joined Boston Globe Media Partners a few months after its acquisition from the New York Times and helped the company navigate through some of the most challenging years in the history of print news. Mike's belief that world-class journalism can attract a sizable, premium audience, is validated by the Globe's digital subscription numbers -- the Globe has the most paid digital readers of any major metro daily in America, and during Mike's tenure, the Globe newsroom and editorial pages were awarded four Pulitzer Prizes.

Prior to being named CEO of the Globe, Mike worked for 20 years at Hill Holiday, where he served as Executive Creative Director, President, CEO, and Chairman. In that period, he led the agency's transition from a traditional advertising agency to a digitally focused communications firm.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sheehan also took a lead role in creating One Fund Boston to support victims of the Marathon bombings. The fund has already raised over $81 million, which has directly benefited over 250 survivors.

At an IVY Ideas Night in Boston, Mike shared stories and insights from his days leading one of the most prolific news outlets in the nation and predicted what lies ahead for both traditional and digital publishers, and how that might impact media producers in every industry.

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