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The IVY Podcast

Jun 7, 2017

With a background in both marketing and the military, Australian native Adam Garone's career took a left turn in 2003 when his brother challenged him to grow out a mustache. The two wondered if they could bring the mustache back in vogue and, in the process, both raise awareness for men's health, and fundraise for prostate cancer research. Thus began the Movember movement.

 The Movember challenge is simple: men begin November 1st clean shaven and, for the next 30 days, grow out their mustaches while seeking out sponsorship for their efforts. The proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation as well as Livestrong. In 2011, Movember raised $126 million in 14 countries. 

As Movember’s CEO from the start, Adam built the company into one of the most innovative and impactful charities created this millennium, changing the face (both literally and figuratively) of men's health, and in the process, creating a cult brand that inspired a global movement.

As part of an IVY Ideas Night at Movember’s LA office, Adam shared his incredible story with IVY’s Sarah Zapp, and showed IVY members how to draw on their passion and resilience to overcome even the toughest obstacles and make a difference in the world.

Please enjoy our conversation with Adam Garone. And remember to visit to enjoy access to a lifetime of learning, growth, and impact through in-person collaborations with world-class leaders, thinkers, and institutions.


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