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The IVY Podcast

Jul 8, 2017

Crowned as the Millennial Mentor, Gerard Adams is a serial entrepreneur, branding expert, and philanthropist. In February 2012, Adams co-founded Elite Daily, the online publication known as the Voice of Generation Y. By the end of 2013, the company earned $400,000 in profit and averaged 41 million monthly readers. Gerard sold the company in 2015 to Daily Mail for $50 million dollars. Gerard also launched FOWNDERS, a social-enterprise accelerator and mentorship movement to help others succeed in business. FOWNDERS offers entrepreneurs benefits that include a free workspace, mentorship, and access to funding. In this in-depth discussion with IVY’s co-founder, Beri Meric, Gerard speaks about his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he learned by educating a new generation of founders. He also speaks about the importance of mentors and how to find them.


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