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The IVY Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

Fashion legend Marigay McKee has risen from “lipstick girl” at Harrod’s to a major leader of some of the biggest luxury brands in the world. After working as a retail clerk and teacher for many years, she was offered the opportunity to become an executive at Estee Lauder Europe, and from there, launched a twenty-year career in luxury retailing. She eventually rose to the pinnacle of London’s retail world when she rejoined Harrod’s, this time as a Senior Beauty Buyer, and over a fifteen year period at the helm of buying and product strategy, advanced to become the store's Chief Merchant. Through the implementation of Marigay’s strategic vision and her philosophy on exclusivity, Harrod’s attracted a greater share of high-end luxury clients than ever before.

Marigay subsequently crossed the pond to become President of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, where she evolved a new vision for the iconic brand’s luxury and positioning platform. She is also an advisor to several emerging fashion brands in the United Kingdom and the United States, mentoring young talent and young entrepreneurs. In 2015, Marigay started her own consulting firm, MM Luxe Consulting, which helps world-class brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Harper’s Bazaar develop winning strategies for marketing, positioning, and growth.

In this conversation with IVY’s Kari Jones, Marigay goes in-depth about what it takes to build a powerhouse fashion brand, and what the future of the industry looks like.

Please enjoy our conversation with Marigay McKee