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The IVY Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

We are proud to connect you with John Mackey, legendary co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods and co-founder of the nonprofit Conscious Capitalism. This will be a deeply inspiring conversation that will challenge us to look past conventional business wisdom, and imagine a bright future with a thriving, purpose-driven, sustainable economy.

Mackey started a movement when he founded Whole Foods, bringing natural, organic food to the masses, leading his company to become a $15.7 billion Fortune 500 company with more than 460 stores and 87,000 team members in three countries. Mackey cut his pay to $1 in 2006 and continues to work for Whole Foods because of his passion for seeing the company exemplify a way of doing business that is grounded in ethical consciousness.

In an exclusive conversation moderated by IVY CEO and YPO New York Metro Chapter Chair Beri Meric, we’ll learn the critical takeaways from Mackey’s leadership journey, and his vision for a more innovative, value-based leadership—in business and in society. We’ll also distill the key lessons from his new book Conscious Leadership, and break down the strategies that have helped Mackey shepherd Whole Foods through four decades of incredible growth and innovation and become internationally renowned as one of the most inspiring business leaders of our time.

This conversation will be an empowering call to action for entrepreneurs and trailblazers to step up as leaders who see beyond the bottom line.