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The IVY Podcast

Aug 18, 2017

Picture this: lightning strikes your dreamscape one unexpected evening, stirring you from your slumber with the almighty power of a flawless idea — an idea that will improve people’s lives and solve society’s problems in previously unimagined ways. Bleary-eyed, you type out the concept on your phone and fall back asleep, grinning at your genius.

Morning arrives, and with it a sudden, nagging sense of doubt. Though still confident in the life-altering potential of your idea, the reality of the situation is hitting home — how are you actually going to turn this idea into a reality? What form will your product take in the physical world? How will you convince users of its benefits? When can you launch?

Enter Vanessa Larco. A Partner at the Silicon Valley-based investment firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Vanessa has a passion for helping founders bring their products to life. Her years of experience in product management — including overseeing web and mobile apps at Box, and contributing to the teams on Xbox Kinect and Surface at Microsoft — have left her with clear eyes on what it takes to transform a concept into a real life, functioning product.

Vanessa joins us for a conversation touching on what exactly the role of a Product Manager consists of, and the questions entrepreneurs need to ask themselves to make sure their products will strike the balance between revenue, engagement, and virality.

Please enjoy our conversation with Vanessa Larco.