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The IVY Podcast

Aug 22, 2017

Successful entrepreneurs from Steve Jobs to Peter Thiel have obsessively turned to literature for ideas, unpacking canonical texts as "case studies" for effective leadership, concept generation, conflict resolution, and better understanding diverse cultures.

Joseph Luzzi, the award-winning author and professor of Italian at Bard College, is a champion of this methodology. Luzzi’s perceptive work analyzes how history’s premier minds — from Dante and Machiavelli to Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and Nietzsche — can spark innovative entrepreneurial insights, even in our modern day.

In this conversation, Luzzi delves into the ten timeless leadership lessons of classical literature, mining the time-tested geniuses of the written word for literary test cases geared towards the world of business.

Please enjoy our conversation with Joesph Luzzi.