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The IVY Podcast

Aug 25, 2017

The global real estate investment market is a multi-trillion dollar industry — a massive investment vehicle that has made the fortunes of magnates across the globe. Yet this behemoth market has largely remained resistant to major technological change, maintaining antiquated processes for those trying to make money from tangible property.

Ryan Williams, the Co-Founder & CEO of Cadre, is on a mission to shake up this lumbering industry. A Harvard grad who worked stints at The Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs, the 29-year-old Williams has built Cadre into a next-generation platform that empowers people to buy and sell real estate more efficiently. Co-founded with Josh and Jared Kushner, Cadre has already closed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of deals on the platform. The New York-based company recently raised $65 million in a Series C funding round, drawing the attention of major real estate players in its plans for global expansion.

Ryan Williams joins The IVY Podcast to discuss next steps for Cadre, and the tenacious work he’s doing to remain at the forefront of the next wave of innovation in the real estate market.