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The IVY Podcast

Sep 26, 2017

“Be the hero of your own adventure.”

That’s the motto that digital business entrepreneur and “Chief Dreamer” Samira Sohail lives by, and so far it’s working in her favor. Born and bred in London, Samira had already embarked on successful careers in two industries — as a financial analyst at J.P. Morgan Cazenove, and then a strategy manager for the BBC — when she became frustrated with the traditional career trajectory she was headed down. So she booked a one-way ticket to Bali, taking a nine-month sabbatical to discover the unexplored areas of her life and take a spiritual break. The results have been encouraging.

Since her time in Bali, Samira has launched the now-popular podcast “Samira Stalks” — an interview series with “reckless dreamers” who tell their personal stories of entrepreneurship and impact.

Samira joins The IVY Podcast to tell us why taking a sabbatical can be the unexpected key to advancing your career, and provides tips on how exactly to plan a successful sabbatical. She also shares advice on starting a podcast of your own and succeeding in multiple industries while being a digital nomad.