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The IVY Podcast

Nov 9, 2017

The travel industry is rapidly changing. Long gone are the days of guidebooks, travel agents, and the quaint bed and breakfast. These days, vast numbers of people turn to social media, celebrity influencers, and sharing economy brands like Airbnb to decide where — and how — to travel.

To learn more about this space, IVY hosted an Ideas Night with three leaders in the industry: Gil Antolin, the Founder of Luxury World Traveler; Bret Lockett, a Partner at M2 Jets and former NFL safety; and Scot Barbour, a board member at Marriott–Starwood and VR Specialist. The three are at the frontlines of the dynamic future of travel — and how changes in our digital world are fueling an expanding global luxury travel market.

Please enjoy our live conversation, moderated by IVY’s Director of Strategic Relationships, Sarah Zapp.