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The IVY Podcast

Mar 26, 2017

Lisa Sugar is the Founder and CEO of POPSUGAR, the #1 independent media company for women. Lisa started POPSUGAR in 2005, taking her passion for pop culture and transforming it into a successful business that has a global reach of over 100 million consumers and 500 employees. POPSUGAR covers categories such as entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and more. Lisa’s recent novel, Power Your Happy, focuses on how we can best navigate our most overwhelming and confusing days to end up in a place where we can combine your passions and talents for success.


Lisa shared insights from her journey with the IVY Community in San Francisco in a fireside chat with IVY’s Sarah Zapp. We hope you enjoy these invaluable lessons on how to harness hard work, patience, and experience to craft our dream jobs, accomplish our goals, and grow a company with employees who love what they do.


Please enjoy our conversation with Lisa Sugar. And remember to visit to enjoy access to a lifetime of learning, growth, and impact through in-person collaborations with world-class leaders, thinkers, and institutions.